Shorter Distance Auto-closing for Departure


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    Scott Riesebosch

    Hi James. We are working on a solution to this but it will take time. We actually did allow shorter distances in earlier versions, but the problem is that the GPS on phones is not accurate enough. So if you set the close distance to something like 100 feet or even 150 feet it would still, on some occasions, result in an auto-close signal being sent while still inside the garage. We even put a huge, red disclaimer in the app stating that setting such short auto-close distances could result in unexpected auto-close signals. People ignored the warning, set it short anyways, and then were upset when it happened.

    The solution we are working on will allow very short auto-close distances, and when it is ready, we will be sure to announce it. I don't have a delivery timeline on it at this time, but we are well aware that our customers want this.

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