Tailwind down again??



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    Scott Riesebosch


    I will shoot you a support email on this. There is definitely something strange going on. I know you power cycled the Tailwind controller and the WiFi router and neither of those actions got it connected to the WiFi again, which is really strange. To have it go from connected to your WiFi network for weeks / months and then just suddenly won't even connect to WiFi after rebooting both the Tailwind and the router is very odd.

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  • Daniel Fore

    I have the same issue. My device was connected for about a year and now it won’t connect. Tried WiFi settings and it just sits and searches for tailwind device. I’ve tried power cycling and reboot the router....nothing is working. Weird when nothing has changed on my setup. Was fine this morning and then it stopped.

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  • Scott Riesebosch


    Sorry you are having issues. Our service is not down I just checked.

    I looked up your account and there are connectivity error reports suddenly coming from your controller starting yesterday. It does look like the WiFi signal got a bit weaker starting yesterday but it is still within limits and the controller seems to be remaining connected to your WiFi network. The error it is giving is usually one we see when a firewall has started blocking communications.

    I know you said you restarted your router. Please also try restarting your modem.


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