HomeKit accessory installed, but device not responding


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    Scott Riesebosch

    Hi John,

    Sorry you're having trouble controlling it through HomeKit. Apple doesn't really give us any way to help troubleshoot HomeKit issues. Things we've heard from other customers that seem to get HomeKit working again (in general - not just with our product) are:

    Restart the WiFi network in addition to restarting your iPhone and your Apple TV or HomePod (whatever is being used as the gateway). If you have more than one just restart them all and also restart the Tailwind controller. Also, we've heard that HomeKit does appear to have issues with some networks with multiple access points (mesh networks, distributed systems such as Ubiquiti, etc). You can try temporarily bringing your Tailwind controller close to your main router if you have such a system and power it on there. If it works there but then doesn't want to work in the garage, it would seem that Homekit is having issues travelling across the network to the other access point / node.

    Apple also controls how CarPlay works. When you are near home, a garage icon will pop up allowing you to control the door. When you get further away, CarPlay will hide it.


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