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    Scott Riesebosch

    Hi Scott B. The Night Mode settings should not have disappeared by logging out / in. Night Mode should always work regardless of your login status.

    There is a "close the door after X minutes" feature but it is active 24/7 unless you turn it off.

    Go to My Notifications -> Notify me if the door has been left open longer than....

    Turn that feature on and set the time. Then also check the box underneath that says "Automatically close any doors that are left open". This, like Night Mode, should work regardless of your login status on the app.

    If you log out of the app, it means that your phone will no longer control the door or receive notifications. So yes, auto-open, the widget, the app, voice control - all that stuff stops working. Log back in and it starts working again.

    Tailwind also has a "disable until" feature where you can disable all Tailwind door control from all users and automations until a certain time, or permanently. Only the device owner has this permission. It's meant for vacation or if you want to work in / around the garage for the day. You find it by tapping the gear icon next to the specific door you want to disable.

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  • Scott B

    Tailwind does have a night mode that should accomplish your first question. The time of day (9-12) is adjustable, but the (x min) variable is fixed at 5min (Screenshot below). I am fairly sure that this is set in the Tailwind device itself and does not require the app running to work. I will test this tonight and get back to you.


    The app itself does not require a pin to operate the door as long as you are logged in, and once you are logged in you stay logged in even after rebooting the phone.

    There is a log out button that you could use to disable the app, but it would require extra steps (return to main menu, open settings, then log out)

    I will test this also later tonight, but without being logged in to the app I doubt that auto open, auto close, and door status notifications will work.


    Edit: Forgot the screenshot

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  • Scott B

    I logged out before driving home, and auto open did not happen as I had suspected,. Notifications of door status were also not sent. I waited for night mode, and that did not work either.
    When I logged back in I had to wait for an animation regarding auto open/close to end before I had access to the door again, and my night mode settings were gone. So this is probably not a good solution for you.

    There is a feature request section here where you could post over there to ask for a pin to be implemented (maybe along with a checkbox to enable/disable it), but I would assume that the reason it is not there in the first place is that your phone should be password protected already.

    Forgot to mention in my earlier post that anytime the door is closed by the Tailwind controller there is a flashing light and an beeping (Probably some kind of code requirement)

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