Notification when driving away



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    Scott Riesebosch

    This is a setting in iOS and has nothing to do with Tailwind directly.

    If your phone is in "do not disturb" it means ALL your notifications will be silenced, including the ones from Tailwind. You need to grant the Tailwind app special permission to push those notifications through.

    In iOS go to Settings -> Focus -> Do Not Disturb -> Apps and add Tailwind to the list of allowed apps

    Select whatever apps you want to be allowed to send you notifications while in DND mode. You can do this with any app, not just Tailwind.

    I don't know the procedure for doing this on Android but I'm sure it is similar.

    Please also note that iOS and Android both handle how / where notification sounds are played / heard. So if you have your phone connected to the bluetooth in your car and your notification sounds are sent through your vehicle sound system but you're tuned to a radio station, they may not come through. This depends on your phone settings, OS version, vehicle make, model, year, etc. and I can't really give you guidance on this because it varies so much. There are countless posts online about people trying to sort out how to get notifications to be audible while driving.

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  • Greg Gehrich

    Agree. Why don't I get an open/close notification when door is actuated automatically coming or going?

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  • Christophe Boudard

    Thanks Greg! So far my comment from 2 years ago did not get any traction from the community or  feedback from Tailwind. This is still a key functional issue in my opinion for this otherwise great product,

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