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2nd Garage Door



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    Scott Riesebosch

    Hi Greg,

    I guess I mention it a little too quickly at the 12:02 mark in the installation video here

    We are going to be re-doing the installation video in the next couple of months so I will make a note to mention it more thoroughly.

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  • gregz83

    Well, I basically figured it out by looking at the second wiring kit and reading its description, however its just not very clear in the installation instructions or videos.  Frankly, I struggle sometimes to understand things that others just assume are understood or common sense, so I would ask that you make your instructions and videos, ESPECIALLY about the wiring part, a little more idiot-proof.

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  • Ken Hayes

    I have the same issue. I ordered and received a unit for my second door, I've got it wired and plugged into my controller on my main door. Now what do I do? I'm not seeing how the app should know about my second door. It's not clear at all.


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