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    Scott Riesebosch

    Can you give me some idea what you mean by this Carter? Maybe let me know what it is that you want to do? I know right now Tailwind does report to IFTTT in real-time when the door opens or closes but it sounds like you want something else?

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  • Carter Strickland

    As I assume you know, IFTTT has a Pro subscription. Among other features, they have "Queries" and "Filters." In fact, Tailwind already has a query called "History of garage door is opened." I would like for there to be a second one that gives a boolean variable reflecting the state of the garage door. I will give a hypothetical example:

    I, Carter, have a friend, named John. I want John to be able to control my garage door, but he has a flip phone which is not capable of installing apps. My solution could be as follows: John can leave a voicemail with the IFTTT service as a trigger, and then IFTTT will open or close the garage door accordingly.

    I create a recipe with these parameters:

    IF: Phone Call [IFTTT is left a voicemail from a specific (John's) number]

    THEN: Tailwind - Open Garage
    AND THEN: Tailwind - Close Garage
    AND THEN: Send SMS - To John - "Message Placeholder"

    This is where things could get confusing

    Query: Tailwind - Is garage closed?

    Filter: *******

    If (Tailwind.query.isClosed) {
        // Skip closing the garage door, which leave sending the SMS and opening the garage door.
        // Then, set the message to "Opened garage door"
        SendSMS.setMessage("Opened garage door");
    } else if (!Tailwind.query.isClosed) { // Not isClosed meaning isOpened
        // Skip opening the garage door, which leave sending the SMS and closing the garage door.
        // Then, set the message to "Closed garage door"
        SendSMS.setMessage("Closed garage door");


    I know this is had to follow, but essentially, I set the recipe to both open and close the garage door. Then, I skip whichever one doesn't need to be done, and adjust the SMS message accordingly.

    I know this could also be done with a THEN: Tailwind - Toggle garage door action, but I would think there are other uses for a query like the one I outlined.

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  • Carter Strickland

    I noticed this thread has not received a reply in over 2 weeks. Are there any updates, or maybe anything else I need to clarify?

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  • Scott Riesebosch

    Hi Carter,

    Sorry. I didn't see this and it scrolled off the bottom. Just saw it now. I've sent this to our IFTTT developer for comment.

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  • Scott Riesebosch


    This has been implemented and is live.

    Example code below.

    Please let me know how it works for you.

    if(Tailwind.doorStatus[0].Status == 'open') {
    else {

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