Attention iPhone users: iOS 15.0 through 15.2.x contain bugs that affect the auto-open feature. Versions above or below work fine.



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    Scott Riesebosch

    Rick and Maurice,

    Sorry you're having trouble.

    Probably the easiest way for me to help you on this is for you to follow these steps the next time you arrive home and the door does not auto-open:

    As soon as possible after arriving home, open the Tailwind app

    Go to the main menu (tap in the top left corner to access it)

    Tap on "Send bug report" and choose the option that you just arrived home and the door did not open.

    Send the report.

    Send an email to letting our team know you submitted a bug report for a failed auto-open.

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  • Maurice Levesque

    Not for me too

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