directional gps for auto open



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    Scott Riesebosch

    Thanks Sam. This is already being worked on :)

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  • Avi Carmi (K6AVI)

    I responded on another thread with a similar request.

    my ideals solution would be the ability to set trigger areas on roads instead of or in addition to a radius.

    I use Tailwind for our gates, which take about 20 seconds to open, 750 feet is not "far enough" for the gate to completely open, yet Tailwind will trigger when I am on a neighborhood road behind my house... 

    so if I have three roads leading to my house, I can set three trigger areas, one for each road, and any other roads, even if "close" to my house will not trigger the Tailgate.

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  • Scott Riesebosch

    Working on this Avi.

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  • Avi Carmi (K6AVI)

    Thanks, that would be extremely useful for me, since my gate needs more than 750ft at 35mph so it opens by the time I get home. but 750ft is at the same time too much, as it also covers a side street that should not cause the gat to open when I am on it... 

    the more I think about this, the more I realize that it will not be easy to make this foolproof... 

    the trigger zone could be a short stretch of road, so that when the car is on this stretch of the road and is heading towards the gate, the gate would open as soon as the car exits the trigger zone.

    i.e. the presence of the car in the trigger zone and heading home, will not open the gate, but rather will serve to "arm" the mechanism which once armed, will fire when the car is still heading home, but left the trigger zone.

    yet this is not foolproof, I can think of at least one case that this will "fail" i.e. open the gate when not intended, in a similar manner to a radius/distance from the gate... 

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