Service Down Day 2


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    Scott Riesebosch

    Hi Ben,

    I'd like to take this opportunity to apologize for this, and let you know a few more details:

    1) We are absolutely working on adding more system redundancy. We were working on that prior to this outage. I absolutely cannot stand it when we let our customers down like this.

    2) We are internally testing local control. I don't have a timeline on when it will be released, but it's coming.

    3) We are about to release app updates for both Android and iOS. Android is mostly to improve battery life issues experienced on some phones under certain conditions. iOS update is to fix auto-open / close issues that appeared after recent iOS updates were released as well as fixing a rare bug where iOS would report the vehicle sensor still in range when it was actually gone - so the app would think you're in your car when you're not.

    4) We do have code for picking up the time change but we received reports that it did not work for some users, so we decided to send a message to all users advising them it would be a good idea to simply re-save the Night Mode settings. We are debugging to see why this would happen for some users but not others.

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