Random disconnects from wifi



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    Scott Riesebosch


    Sorry you are having disconnect issues. When the light is yellow / pale green like that it means it is connected to your WiFi network just fine - but something is blocking it from reaching the control server in the cloud. Have you tried adjusting your security / firewall settings?

    There are no logging options, but each time the unit has difficulty reaching our server it does upload a small report the next time it connects, giving us some basic details. However those details would only tell us "cannot reach server".

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  • Errington, Robert J

    I did not even consider that...I was tinkering with a few "home network hardening" settings on my router, but that would not explain why it comes and goes.  I have a Hitron GCN3U and I have set the firewall to Typical which means it blocks some P2P apps:

    Allow (WAN-To-LAN):All

    IDS enabled
    IDENT (port 113)
    Peer-to-peer apps:
    kazaa - (TCP/UDP port 1214)
    bittorrent - (TCP port 6881-6999)
    gnutella- (TCP/UDP port 6346)
    vuze - (TCP port 49152-65534)

    I also have Ping from WAN set to Deny..  I can tweak this but again, would not really explain why it works intermittently.  When convenient I will try bouncing my router to see if that helps.



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  • Errington, Robert J

    Ok...so I bounced the router and the problem persisted, in fact it was no longer randomly disconnected but rather solid yellow. I reconnected my phone to the router wifi (not my mesh) and restarted the Tailwind Unit from the app.  The unit restarts and shows a solid green light on the unit but still shows offline in the Android App...so if feels like I have solved one problem but encountering another...

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