Pixel Buds not working with Tailwind



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    Scott Riesebosch

    Hi Eric,

    We haven't specifically tested with Pixel Buds, but since Google Assistant is working on your other devices I'm not sure what the issue would be with the Pixel Buds. These integrations are always 2 sided. Google handles things on their side and we handle things on ours. So the fact that all your other Google devices are working it leads me to believe the problem is on Google's side. If it was on Tailwind's side I would expect all the Google devices to fail.

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  • Eric Tom

    Scott, tried it again this morning with my Pixel Buds and it worked.  I know I experienced some issues with the Google Home app working on my phone the day before yesterday that I had a chat session with Google support and they got it fixed so maybe it was somehow related to that.  Anyway, everything seems to be good now.

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