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    Scott Riesebosch


    Thanks for posting. What app are you using? Also, I want to make sure I understand. I'm a bit confused at the moment because you say that no matter the status, the door shows closed. Then you state that when you open the door the app shows it is closing, which generally means it must have been showing open prior to that, which appears to conflict with the first statement.

    Please walk through the following steps and let me know what happens:

    1) Open the Tailwind app to the door control screen. Does the app show the correct state of the door?

    2) Use your wall button control to open / close the door. Does the app update the door control screen to show the proper state?

    If this works, then we know the door sensor is properly installed and functioning. Then we can proceed with the steps below:

    3) With the door closed, tap on the door icon in the app. It should begin to play an animation showing the door opening. Does this happen?

    4) The door should open.

    5) The door should now show open in the app, and you should receive a notification that you opened the door using your account.

    6) Once the door is completely open, please tap on the door icon in the app. It should begin to play an animation of the door closing.

    7) The controller should beep and flash for 5 seconds, then the door should start to close.

    8) The screen update in the app takes much longer for closing because the Tailwind system does not update the door state in the app until the door has fully closed, so just be patient while the door closes.

    9) After the door has completely closed, the door control screen in the app should update and show the door is closed.

    10) You should receive a notification that you closed the door with your account.


    Please let me know what happens.

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  • Edward Lewis

    That is the same problem I was having last night on my IQ3/8.45 new installation.  I am confused.  I sent an email for support on installation of my Craftsman 1/2 HP model 139.53985DM .


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  • Scott Riesebosch


    Please see my response to your support email. In short, there was one verified case in mid-2018 when a software bug showed the incorrect door status on door 2. We found that bug and fixed it within 24 hours. Every other case of the app showing the incorrect door status since then has been traced to the door sensor. The following root causes have been found in ALL cases:

    1) The gap is too large, making the sensor always think the door is open. You can verify this easily in the app. Just close the door using your wall control. If the app still shows the door open, the sensor is not functioning as it should.

    2) The sensor and magnet vertical alignment is off. The sensor is a magnetic reed switch. As such, it has 3 "lobes" in which the magnetic field will cause the reed switch to activate. When the magnet and the sensor are properly aligned vertically, it will trigger the centre lobe on the sensor.

    3) The sensor or magnet is loose.

    4) The sensor (and control cable) is plugged into the wrong port on the Tailwind controller, or not firmly plugged in.

    5) The sensor / control cable has been damaged during installation (usually by a staple gun or hammer).

    6) The sensor / magnet is defective, or there is excessive magnetic interference from nearby ferrous (steel) material.

    There have been no reported cases of the app showing the wrong door state where it was not caused by one of these 6 things - all related to the door sensor hardware and installation thereof.


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  • Jeff Walton

    The widgit (not the app) in Android does not seem to show the correct status unless you hit the refresh symbol each time.  Then it is correct.  I' guessing the widgit may not display real time status in order to reduce the battery usage on the phone.  It is a little inconvenient but I'm used to automatically refreshing it and it immediately updates.

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