Attention iPhone users: iOS 15.0 through 15.2.x contain bugs that affect the auto-open feature. Versions above or below work fine.



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    Scott Riesebosch

    Thanks Michael.

    We were evaluating  this option, but one problem we faced during testing was the following case:

    The user has a garage door opener on battery backup

    There is a power failure that takes out the home WiFi network

    The user gets in the car to leave, which triggers location tracking to begin.

    In the absence of a WiFi network, the system closes the garage door, but the user has not actually left yet.

    That said, there are some similar strategies we are currently investigating in an attempt to improve the performance.


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  • Michael Brown

    Hi Scott

    Would this work?

    If wi-fi auto close is enabled then require wi-fi to be working when tracking begins and temporarily disable the option if wi-fi is not working when tracking begins.

    There's still a chance that wi-fi could fail while you're sitting in the garage but you'll see the light flashing and hear the beeps warning the door is about to close.

    This is only worth the complexity if it works...



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  • Scott Riesebosch


    Thanks. Discussing it with the team :)


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