Home Assistant status not accurate after 9.95



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    Scott Riesebosch

    Updated local API documentation coming. There was a miscommunication with our firmware team regarding local API. Token has been added for security.

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  • Derek Badge

    Did you recreate the integrations with HA using the new homekit codes?  Also need to reset the IQ3 using the reset button and holding for only 5 seconds until it quickly flashes green.  If you were on the beta firmware it would have paired using the old beta shared key and it should have a unique per IQ3 code now.

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  • Scott Riesebosch

    New documentation for local control API here.

    NOTE: We are updating to JSON to make the API much more future friendly. This document will show you how to add the security token to your implementation and will work with firmware V9.95, but please note that when we implement JSON in future updates it will render this version obsolete and we will migrate to the JSON version.


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  • Paul Nicholls

    If you're using my custom HA integration (either via HACS or manually installed as a custom component), I've just released an update (v0.2.0) which works with the V9.95 iQ3 firmware.

    After updating the component (and restarting HA), the integration will show as "Retrying setup: 'api_token'" as your configuration won't include the new Local Control Key; unfortunately, you'll have to remove the integration and re-add it (just click the 3 dots on the integration card, choose "Delete" and confirm; then click "Add integration" and re-add your Tailwind - specifying the Local Control Key, which you can find by following the instructions at the bottom of the README: https://github.com/pauln/tailwind-home-assistant

    When re-added with the Local Control Key, it should keep its original unique ID, so your doors should hopefully still appear on any dashboards you've added them to, and automations etc should still work.

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