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    Scott Riesebosch

    Yes. And shortly everyone will have that and the apps are being updated to support it as well. In fact the iOS app went live this morning and it already supports local control. We will be releasing a firmware update for all users with local control, HomeKit, and more very soon. We have been testing the local control for months and it works reliably and extremely fast. Can’t wait to push it out to everyone!

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  • Scott Brodie

    My door magically opened yesterday as I approached! I'll be testing more today. Scott, has the firmware patch gone out to iOS users, if so, how do we know if our app has been updated? Does this patch mean that the auto opening feature should be working consistently for iPhone users? If so, yay! Perhaps you could make a clear statement concerning the current status of the iOS update and the auto opening feature. 

    All other facets of the Tailwind door controller are working and I love using Siri with it. 

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  • Scott Riesebosch

    Hi Scott,

    You will see a "what's new" message pop up in the app the first time you open it after the update. The patch performance is still unknown "out in the wild". We did not write the patch code, nor did we create the iOS15 bug. We merely followed Apple's advice when they said "put this code snippets in these places". In our testing it is working quite well but I know for a fact that it's not working for everyone.

    We really do need Apple to fix the root cause to get fully back to normal.

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