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    Scott Riesebosch

    Hi Jai,

    Unfortunately Key by Amazon for garage delivery isn't as simple as implementing an Alexa integration. For usual integrations there is an SDK provided to us. We implement the integration, and then sometimes we submit hardware for testing. Key is not done this way. The Amazon team is actively involved. Therefore Amazon drives the schedule, not us. All I can say on this subject is that we know our customers want this feature and we would very much like to offer it as soon as possible. I cannot say when it will happen. I can only say we continue to let Amazon know we want this and we are willing to do all the heavy lifting.

    Key would not require you to buy a new Tailwind.

    MyQ and Tailwind can co-exist.

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  • jai

    Thanks, Scott, I really appreciate the reply.

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  • Joshua Morgan

    I still cannot believe this has not been implemented yet. Extremely disappointing and Tailwind is losing a lot of sales.

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