Alert when I leave the door open?



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    Scott Riesebosch

    Hi Eric,

    There is an alert feature if you leave the door open for X minutes. There is also an auto-close feature if you leave home and forget to close the door.

    The alert if door left open for x minutes is found in "My Notifications". There's also an optional checkbox there to also close the door instead of just alerting you.

    The auto-close when you leave (and you forget to close the door) is under vehicles. Just add a vehicle, turn on auto-close and set a distance.

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  • MJ

    Mentioning because I missed this at first: to access My Notifications, you need to tap on your device (labeled 'Garage' in my case) from the My Devices screen, but make sure to tap anywhere except on the gear icon. Then tap the three-line menu button in the bottom right corner and you'll see My Notifications, as well as Garage Control, Vehicle List, Share Device, Firmware Update, Night Mode, and History. (I'm using the iOS app v2.35.)

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