Geofencing question with vehicle sensor



  • Scott B

    Hi Harry,
    I wouldn't call it 2 factor authentication, it's more like 1+1= allows automatic operation.

    The app itself is not geofenced.
    Anywhere in the world that you have data you can control your door or check status (open or closed).

    The sensor is part of the automatic open and close feature inside the app that opens or closes the door for you at a specified distance.

    Android does not need the sensor as long as you are Bluetooth connected to your car the tailwind app can see the Bluetooth connection and operate the door accordingly.

    IOS users need the sensor to perform this action because iOS does not allow the tailwind app to see what Bluetooth devices you are connected to.

    The sensor itself does not operate the door, it is just a +1 so the app knows you want the auto open and close feature to start monitoring your location. You can put it in one pocket and your phone in the other when going for a walk, or ride your bike, and the app will assume you are in your car and operate the door accordingly as long as phone + sensor are connected.

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  • Harry W

    Thanks Scott!

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