"Your Garage Door just opened" confuses us since it's a gate



  • Gib

    I made a similar request months ago.  The request was for adding like a door number and think I mentioned other items (like gates) be offered with a limited expanded vocabulary (thinking programming challenges may mean only a limited expanded vocabulary would/could be offered).  

    With the recent very extended outage, I started to rethink my setup and installed backup options so that if Tailwind goes down again I would have additional checks and triggers.  This was done to buy time to research my options.  After reading the Tailwind response to the outage, I felt I should not rush to a forklift overhaul at this time.  

    Tonight, I see your post and another requesting Hubitat integration.  I know the Hubitat request had a significant number wanting that integration...me included.

    So (to recap), Tailwind has had major stability issues that they have not been able to resolve and the response has been "action plans" and...AND, they have not been able to deliver on development to further the platform?

    I’m worried (and looking) again. 



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  • Steve Herriford

    I understand the frustration.  But I wouldn't jump ship just due to a couple of recent outages.  Heck, big bad Google just had two days of back-to-back outages... and I'm betting they have many more resources and significantly deeper pockets than Tailwind.  I've been using Tailwind for almost 2 years now and I can count on one hand the number of outages that occurred during this time... again, fewer outages than many of the "big boys" during this same period.

    I also understand the desire for additional features and integrations.  I've been patiently waiting on Home Assistant integration for a while as well.  But if you look through the "feature requests", there is long, long list of "wants"... Home Assistant, Hubitat, Homekit, Car Play, 24 hour military time, etc. etc. etc.  Note that many of these integrations are also dependent upon another entity, such as Apple, to complete the integration, or might simply not be feasible with the current hardware.  Add in the increased demand for the product (currently on backorder), issues around COVID that impact nearly all businesses in some manner, and a service that you do not pay a subscription to use and I personally think that Scott and the gang are doing an outstanding job.  At least he responds to his user base on these forums... unlike many other companies.

    Naturally, you are free to search for any solution you think provides you a better service or value. I'm not trying to attack or start a flame war here.  But I think to say that Tailwind has "major stability issues" because of a handful of outages is unfair and misleading.  I challenge you to find any cloud or Internet-based service that have not had outages or major service disruptions in their past. 

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  • Avi Carmi (K6AVI)

    We have two gates and would love to have verbal notifications saying device name (or number) and gate/door name (or number)

    The word “gate” or “door” can be determined via the selected animation

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  • Bart Lanni

    Steve, like your post and comments. Tailwind is sooooo much better then the other big boys as I also have another brand and to date no luck with responses get it to do what tailwind does in spades.
    I will wait for future enhancements because it does what it needs to do and well for my needs.

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