New door sensor mounting brackets (or lack thereof).


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    Scott Riesebosch

    Hi Egon,

    I understand how you feel. The core issue is the way the magnetic reed sensors work. The lobes just don't work all that well when the magnet approaches the sensor from the direction of the original design. It makes it prone to problems when the door does not come all the way down - such as when snow is under the door for example.

    The new design can accommodate gaps of more than 1 inch between the magnet and the sensor and is very robust. It is completely immune to any problems with the door not quite closing all the way due to buildup of material under the door.

    Here is an article on it. You can see on pages 19 and 20 how the "lobes" of sensitivity work much better when the magnet approaches the sensor from the side.

    As always, we will continue to work on improving our reliability. This change wasn't to reduce cost. In fact it didn't change cost at all because we switched the bracket material to aluminum and switched to a higher performance magnet to increase sensing distance. It was all about reliability and tolerance for a larger gap between sensor and magnet, and tolerance for the door not quite closing completely.

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