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    Scott Riesebosch

    Hi Everyone,

    Noted on the UI change. I'll discuss this with our team to see what we can do. Michael is correct- if you are on the door screen for one controller, you can simply swipe left / right to quickly get to the door control screen for other controllers. Personally I have 5 in my account so I swipe left / right a lot. So hopping from one controller to the other is simply swiping left or right. You do not have to go back to the "My devices" screen and then tap on the other controller.

    And thanks Marci. I'm so sorry it was down for such a long time. I've already made an extensive list of points we are going to go over internally in our next meeting so we can get to the root cause and make sure it does not happen again - and to also do a full review to make sure we not only make sure it doesn't happen again, but what are the absolute best practices and make sure we are following them.

    Personally I don't ever want to go through this again. I still have hundreds of emails that I need to answer as a number of customers apparently did not receive the notifications we sent out advising of the service interruption - which is another point of discussion on our next meeting. How is that possible???

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  • Michael Teator

    Yes please. I have one door on my barn and one door on my house and I wish they were grouped together.

    Note that you can at least swipe left/right to go between the doors.

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  • Marci

    Thank you
    You did a great job as usual unfortunately for me my other hand hold garage door opener had a dead battery.😒 since my tailwind has been working so good I never had to use the other. TAILWIND IS THE BEST and so are you and your team. Thank you for fixing the problem.

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  • Avi Carmi (K6AVI)

    we also have two Tailwind devices one for each gate, and as soon as Key by Amazon is added, will get another Tailwind for the garage doors and ditch myQ.

    it will be super useful to have all doors on one screen, as if controlled by a single virtual Tailwind device.

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