Garage Door Opener Light



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    Scott Riesebosch

    Hi Brian,

    This is a tough one. The light control signals are proprietary for each manufacturer.


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  • Scott H

    Sorry for popping into this comment from 3 years ago, but I'd love to have this be a feature. My opener just has a resistor in line for the 'light' button so the circuit isn't fully closed when that button is pressed. If the circuitry in the iQ3 can mimic the pulldown of that resistor, it'd be super simple to mimic the press of the 'light' button which would allow me to have yet another control for my smart home.

    No worries if it's more work than it's worth to mimic all the various openers out there, I just wanted to voice my interest in case that pushes anyone to look into it further.

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