IOS app infinite spinner - not working



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    Scott Riesebosch

    Thanks Trevor. We noticed that one of the servers has slowed down again this evening - at almost exactly the same time as previous days. Our server administrator is checking the number of simultaneous connections to that particular server. It self-corrected last time before he got to the bottom of it and we were concerned it may re-surface :(

    I told him he is to do NOTHING else except focus on finding out why this has happened a few times lately and fix it. Tailwind runs on multiple servers for various features - but one of them has been causing some intermittent issues. So sorry about this! It drives me crazy because one minute I'll be checking and everything is perfect - over and over and over again. Then a couple minutes later it's slowed right down to a crawl - and then back up to full speed again.

    This all started when Amazon changed the hardware that was being used for this particular server due to the previous hardware reporting problems.


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  • Sourceproorg

    Same here! 

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  • Trevor Smith

    Hi Scott,

    Thank you for the update. My wife will be relieved to know that you are investigating the issue! We have become accustomed to your great product and apparently my wife no longer considers it something I just purchased !

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