Can you delete Garage Door 3?



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    Scott Riesebosch


    If you have only 2 garage door openers then you should set Tailwind app as a 2 door system. You can tap on the gear icon to the right of your Tailwind device and change the number of doors to 2.

    Also, we have just updated the Android app and you can now set custom door icons - one of them is a double wide door. The iOS app will be updated with this customization shortly.

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  • Eric Tom


    Thanks, I had set it up as a 2 door system but didn't notice the update button below it.  Tapped on that and now only 2 garage doors (1 with new 2-car garage door and 1 with new 1-car garage door) show now.  Door 3 is gone!


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  • Scott Riesebosch

    Ok great!

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