Need to bypass the address so I can use the device to open/close garage. Dont need the auto drive feature


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    Scott Riesebosch

    Sorry you're having difficulty setting up the device.

    Shortly we will be releasing an app update that allows you to manually enter your address as well. We expect to have the Android version out in about a week, and the iOS version will follow shortly thereafter.

    Currently you need to allow the system to learn the location of the device. The location enables other features in addition to the auto-open / close, such as what time zone it is in for example. If you don't want the Tailwind app to track your location that's not a problem. You can simply set location permission to never / not allowed immediately after setting up the system. If your concern is that your address would be stored in the system I'm sorry about that. Currently the device location is a requirement so that the device at least knows what time zone it is operating in. This is required for time of day features such as Night Mode.

    If the app is giving you the error that it cannot get a good GPS signal, please try turning the location services off and then back on in your phone settings.

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