Any Alexa upgrades that might have affected tailwind?



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    Scott Riesebosch

    Hi Stephen,

    Sorry for such a late reply. I'm actually shocked that the unlock worked at all. It's not supposed to work. Amazon does not actually support garage door opener device types, so everything we've done to make it work is really our best efforts to work within Amazon's guidelines.

    That said, I've asked the team to try again. Last time we tried to get Amazon to allow the unlock command the same way Smart Locks are allowed to use it but they refused. Perhaps they've changed their position on that recently and will allow it!

    I sure hope so!

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  • stephen j sprague

    Hi Scott,

    Well....after a week of me doing nothing overtly Alexa is back to operating  "normal" again.   "Alexa, open garage door" and "Alexa, close garage door" are back to working for me.

    Idk.  Something seemed to have happened there to my Alexa devices (i know. sounds like a conspiracy thing but, honest, those commands just didn't work for a week.)

    on a separate note +1 for the diagnostic tool.  that's really helped me figure out what's going on with the sensor - w/o having to involve you guys all the time.  Self service FTW.



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  • Scott Riesebosch

    Thanks Stephen. We will keep working on new tools and features to help our customers get the most value possible out of Tailwind :)

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