Instructions for 2 doors/2 openers, one Tailwind control module


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  • David

    You need the main kit plus an extra door sensor kit.

    Use the door sensor from the main kit for the garage door that the Black Control unit will be next to.

    Install the door sensor
    Run the wires to Garage Motor
    Plug the 2 bare wires into the garage motor
    Plug the other wire with the phone jack looking end into any of the 3 ports on the Black Control Module  

    Repeat the same process for the other opener  

    The reason you want to use the extra door kit for the non-control unit door is because it has much longer cables.

    I just installed the system 2 weeks ago for my 2 door 3 car garage. Installations should be identical for both garage doors. Doesn’t matter which of the ports you use on the Black Control Box. 

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