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    Scott Riesebosch


    Sorry you're having trouble with your auto-open. We can help you with that. We have a troubleshooting article here https://gotailwind.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360020647092-My-Tailwind-Vehicle-Sensor-Vehicle-Bluetooth-auto-open-auto-close-is-not-working

    If, after going through the steps in the troubleshooting article you're still having difficulty, we do have tools at our disposal to diagnose the issue. Please email us at support@gotailwind.com if the troubleshooting article doesn't get things working for you.

    Also, the algorithms for the Tailwind system are tuned for driving, not walking. Walking may result in movement that is too slow for the auto-open / close to function properly. A brisk walk, jogging, or riding a bike would certainly be fast enough, but if you walk slowly it may not work.

    When using an Android phone, you can choose any Bluetooth device your phone has been paired with to act as the "vehicle". You are basically telling the Tailwind system "if you see a connection to this bluetooth device, I want the auto-open / close to function according to the rules I have set up in the app for this bluetooth device". Motorcycle riders use their helmet headsets for this all the time.

    As for modifying the phone settings, that is absolutely critical in Android. The reason is because the Android operating system stops apps from functioning in the background, and it also kills their access to the internet. So whether you use a Tailwind vehicle sensor, a vehicle bluetooth, or anything else, nothing can happen on Android unless you make the recommended phone setting changes because the Tailwind app will be stopped by the Android operating system shortly after you stop actively using it.

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