What to do if Missing QR Code?



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    Scott Riesebosch

    HI Lawson,

    The QR code is printed on the back of the Tailwind controller as well as the front of the user guide. If you somehow don't have either of those QR codes and you have deleted it from your Tailwind account you'll need to know a bit about logging into your WiFi router to find the info you need.

    First, if you didn't already get it connected to your new WiFi network you'll have to use the alternate method since you don't have the QR code. Power on the Tailwind controller. Press and release the reset button. Do not hold it down. Wait about 1-2 seconds and it will start flashing blue slowly. Go to WiFi settings on your phone. Connect to the network "Tailwind" with password 12345678

    A screen should pop up showing all WiF networks visible to the controller. Choose yours and enter the WiFi password. It should then connect to your network and your phone will reconnect to your home network as well after a short time.

    Now that you've gotten it connected to your WiFi network, login to your router and look for a screen that shows all devices currently connected. Look for one that says "Espressif" as the name. Note the MAC address for that device.

    When setting up your Tailwind device and it asks you to scan the QR code it will also have an option directly beneath where you can enter the MAC address.

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  • Lawson Leavell

    Thank you Scott

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  • Scott Riesebosch

    My pleasure Lawson.

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