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    Scott Riesebosch

    Please try restarting your router, iPhone, and Apple TV.

    You can also reset the HomeKit pairing as instructed in the email our system sent you when you updated to firmware V9.97, which is:

    To reset the HomeKit pairing for Tailwind you will need firmware V9.97 or higher, and if you have previously added Tailwind in Apple Home you should delete it from Apple Home before performing the reset steps below:

    Press and hold the reset button until the status light starts to flash green rapidly. Then immediately let go of the button. DO NOT continue to hold it down or you will wipe out the wifi credentials.

    Wait for the controller to restart itself. You'll know when it is finished when the status light goes steady green.

    HomeKit has now been reset and you can add it in the Home app. The HomeKit setup QR code can be found in the automated email our system sends when you updated to firmware V9.97, or you can find the code by tapping the gear icon next to your device to get to the "device settings" screen.

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  • Matthew Hoffman

    Hi, that advice worked great, but at this point, I can’t seem to get my QR code to scan and am not sure what code to enter to connect my device to Apple HomeKit. Any recommendations?

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  • Harold Gilbert

    Hi Matthew,

    The device QR code is usually in a text box on the bottom of the code in a xxx-xx-xxx format. On some devices there maybe a second location that lists it as a backup.

    Hope this helps, 

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  • Scott Riesebosch

    Hi Matthew,

    When you updated to firmware V9.97 our system sent you an email on how to add and also reset the HomeKit integration. Please look for that email as it also has the HomeKit QR code.

    If you can't find it no worries. See below:

    1. You can find the HomeKit setup code in the Tailwind app by going to the "My Devices" screen. Then tap the gear icon to the right of your device to get to the device settings screen. You'll find the HomeKit code in there.
    2. If Apple Home is finding your garage device during discovery, skip this step because a reset is not needed - just enter the code from step 1 when prompted in Apple Home. If you want to reset the HomeKit pairing, press and HOLD the reset button on the controller for approximately 5 seconds until the status light starts flashing green rapidly. Then immediately release the reset button. DO NOT hold the reset button longer than 10 seconds or it will erase your WiFi network credentials from the controller as well. You don't want to do that.
    3. The controller will run through some short sequences, reboot itself and within 1-2 minutes it should go back to a solid green light. At that point it will be ready for discovery in the Apple Home app again.


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