Can't open door with Chamberlain wall mount garage door opener (RJO70)



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    Scott Riesebosch

    Hi Erik,

    During the checkout process on our website it asks if you have a round yellow learn button on your opener, and it shows a picture of what one looks like. I found your order and unfortunately you answered "No" to that question when the answer should have been "Yes". Please check your email for further details.

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  • Erik Almquist

    Thanks for the quick reply.  I did read that warning about the round, yellow learn button.  I also saw the picture of a yellow, round learn button.  In addition, I am a college-educated American who knows both what the words 'yellow' and 'round' mean, so I thought I was in pretty good shape to answer the question about my learn button.

    I took the opportunity to closely inspect my learn button on my door opener.  Here's a photo of what I discovered:

    My interpretation of this button is that it is gray and not yellow.  In addition, I found this button to be a rectangle, or at least some kind of quadrilateral, but definitely not a circle.  Give that my door opener's learn button is neither yellow nor round, I opted *not* to answer "Yes" to the question of whether I had a yellow, round learn button.

    I look forward to the email with further details!

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  • Joseph

    Erik Almquist Checkout asks about a yellow learn button on the actual garage door opener motor unit, not the wall mounted button

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