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    Scott Riesebosch

    The way notifications get handled in iOS and Android are a black hole of pain. I think it would be a full college course just to understand the nuances of how each of them handle notifications in different situations. Does the user have a watch? Are they in the car? Any focuses or DND modes active? Any overrides on them? What are the various volume controls set to? Does the app have the necessary permissions? Are they silenced during certain hours? What type of vehicle is the user driving? What brand and model of phone do they have? What OS version?

    These are just SOME of the factors that influence whether or not you can hear a notification or not.

    It's just too complicated to sort it all out, but in your case Charles I suspect that since it works fine except for when you're in your car, your phone is routing the verbal notification to your vehicle bluetooth. If you were streaming music from your phone to your car at the moment the notification came, it might play through your vehicle speakers.

    Then again - it might not. Notification handling is a black hole of rules, especially on Android phones and even more on Samsung phones because they also throw in a significant dose of extra battery management in there - making the phone pretty much a paperweight if you leave it sitting on a table for a while. Ever wonder why notifications come flying in when you pick up the phone? It detects the movement, wakes up and checks for messages.

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