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    Scott Riesebosch

    Yes there is. You can change that setting for any app. Just go into Settings -> Focus -> Do Not Disturb -> Apps and allow Tailwind.


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  • alex john

    I have Tailwind app added under App, but whenever the garage closes, phone vibrates but Siri does not announce notification.

    Siri announcing (speaking) the notification would give me more security that the garage is closed. Otherwise I have to pay closer attention to my phone vibration when door closes.

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  • Scott Riesebosch

    Hi Alex,

    Apple controls the behaviour of notifications. We can only push them to the phone and request that the audio file is played (the spoken notification). Apple decides whether or not it will allow that verbal announcement to be played. Sometimes they silence them. Sometimes they push them to the Apple Watch. Sometimes they push them to CarPlay. Apple has a lot of different ways they handle when notifications will be silenced. It isn't Siri that is speaking the notifications, it's an audio file that we created - so it's basically a custom notification sound. If notification sounds are silenced by iOS for some reason, there isn't anything we can do about that. You'll just need to check the various settings on your phone to try and determine which one is silencing the notification sound for the Tailwind app.

    Googling "iphone notification sounds not working" might be a good place to start.

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