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  • David L

    So on my Pixel phone (I've tested on both Android 10 and 11) battery is taking a major hit bc of the Tailwind apps auto-open and close feature. When I turn the feature off I'm able to get about 6-7 hours of screen on time. When I turn the feature on I'm getting about 3-4 hours of screen on time. All other usage of the phone is similar from day to day.

    I also have a secondary iphone 11 Pro for work and with the auto-open and close feature turned on the iPhone does not take remotely the same hit to battery as on Android.

    IDK if this is an Android issue or the Tailwind app not being optimized to run in the background but would really like to hear others' experiences.

    Also I have 4 other apps that have similar location permissions where access is granted all the time. Battery life significantly improved only when I turn off auto-open and close in Tailwind.

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  • Scott Riesebosch

    Hi David,

    We are aware of this issue on certain phones, Pixels being one of them. We are working to resolve it. However, if your battery drain is that bad, it is possible that your phone is actually detecting the vehicle sensor in your vehicle quite regularly. We have reports of this happening to users with their offices above the garage for example.

    Please make sure your phone is not within range of the vehicle sensor on a regular basis or this will trigger location tracking, which will consume more battery than normal.

    We are working on an app update to improve battery performance.  This battery issue seems related only to certain types of phones according to the feedback we've received and testing we've done.

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  • Peblake

    I just got a new Samsung Galaxy 21+ and I can't seem to find the settings to get the warning about battery usage to go away.  Can you help me locate these settings for the app?

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