Apple has acknowledged there is a bug in iOS 15 that can cause auto-open/close features to fail. They are working on fixing it. We continue to test their beta updates and will advise when we know more.

Why doesn’t the auto-close work sooner as I leave home? I have it set for 250 feet, but sometimes it doesn’t close the door until I’m much further away.




  • Vincent

    Considering all of the technical reasons as to what would cause a vehicle to be /further/ than the minimum configurable 250 feet for auto close, then it seems like 250 feet might actually be too far and you really should consider allowing an auto close closer than 250 feet. If the purpose of this is security, just being out of site after forgetting to close your garage is in itself a security issue - if someone watches you drive out of site with your garage open this provides ample time for them to run into your garage without anyone knowing.

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  • Scott Riesebosch

    Hi Vincent,

    Correct. But there is a large technical reason to NOT close it sooner. Phones have GPS errors. The phone operating system might send our app a location update with a confidence level of 30 feet when in fact it is actually off by 100 feet. If we were to allow small distances for auto-close it will cause doors to close unexpectedly.

    As we always state in all of our literature - this is an "in case you forget" feature. If you leave and forget to close your garage door, the auto-close will detect it and close the door for you.

    That said, we do recognize that our customers would really like to have the door close while they can still see it close and we are working on this.

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